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Plaster is a kind of very common medicaments in the life, can treat a lot of diseases normally, different disease can use different remedial method to treatNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, on the face if appear blain blain is other perhaps disease when, also can be treated with ointment, the person that ointment has stuck on the face nevertheless knows, ointment is being cleaned very hard at ordinary times, actually ointment cleans be method of type of in the right way, the ointment on the face introduces below clean a method.

How is the ointment on the face washed clean

How is the ointment on the face washed clean?

Method 1: Touch the plaster that takes the remain on the skin repeatedly with the plaster that get off, very fast OK and cleared medicine imprints, this kind of method is the simplest and1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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And good with.

Method 2: Use a few harder paper to stick the redundant plaster on the body first come down, next, stick the plaster that stays on the skin dip in with absorbent cotton safflower oil is wiped, next reoccupy clear water is cleaned. Basically can clean completely clean so. Measure is read

Method 3: With the vegetable oil that the fried dish in the home uses daub is on rudimental plaster, clean with clear water next. Also can keep clear of so, but the effect is slower.

Method 4: With the plaster oil that lifts face or scotch tape relapse stickup bequeath the plaster trace on the skin, also can keep clear of.

Method 5: Keep clear of with turpentine the fastest, the idealest. Particular way is after uncovering plaster, with officinal cotton the autograph is touched take turpentine to wipe, use clear water Qing Dynasty nextNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Overall for, after making ointment sufficient absorb grease namely very easy purify.

How is the ointment on the face washed clean

As to touch the dress, the commonnest method is good with lukewarm bleb clothing hind, the much soap that wipe a point again slowly rub. This kind is applied to only be stained with minim plasterShanghai noble baby

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the dress, if generous word is about to use the method below:

1, add a few water with alcohol, put in the local rub that is stained with plaster be soiled to knead, wait for plaster to go clean, full of reoccupy clear water or knead with the white Ji end that has baked, reoccupy bath Yi Ke.

2, wash with alkyl of 3 chloric Potassium, fluid of reoccupy catharsis Liu is washed, the final bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean.

3, with edible alkaline scatter in corrupt place, add some of Wen Shui, knead a few, can eliminate. If after buy heats inside iron spoon, will alkaline face is scattered,come corrupt place, add Wen Shui to knead scour off again corrupt faster.

The use method of plaster

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Stick a way correctly

Place of preexistence red gall, with 75% alcohol disinfection, or with ginger piece if have cut,wipe; , solution of usable rare potassium permanganate tries after abluent pus blood dry, again the plaster lay open amount to, put on small fire to carbonado soft, need because of the illness sometimes, carbonadoing on a few powder are scattered equably on soft plaster, relapse again amount to, lay open plaster, make powder interfuse meantime, so that faster, produce curative effect better.

If appear,suffer from when the ministry is scratchy, need to be massaged outside plaster, if do not get effective, but willA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Plaster is uncovered, with alcohol tampon inunction scratchy place, add plaster again lukewarm affix. When be like fluid of pus of occurrence affected part, some of gauze can be added in plaster surface, or be cut by the clip in paper in plaster one alveolus, make aperture and cut correspondence stick apply, so that discharge pus. Right already erosion, ache is more than, or occurrence bleb person, can stick draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part to cream cure, or uncover plaster, with alcohol disinfection, besmear again merbromin, wrap up with gauze.

Stick sticking plaster medicine, if the injury is wet acetanilide cream, antiphlogistic and acetanilide cream when waiting, answer to use affected part alcohol tampon rub-up first, rip go the film on plaster undertakes sticking apply. But the person that produce erosion and traumatic and amalgamative infection like the skin, unfavorable stick with.

How is the ointment on the face washed clean

Plaster middling contains scent to take the part of change, accordingly pregnant woman wants careful with, especially avoid sticks the person that use; skin allergy to also should not be in hilum, waist, abdomen stick with. During sticking plaster, should food of diet raw or cold food. Unused plaster but lay aside is put in shady and cool and dry place, in case the summer is dissolved or by bug eat by moth.