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Likelihood a lot of people are in all of us the problem that breathes with what when ran is not to understand very much, a lot of people often may make via breath of commonly used mouth our oneself appears the problem of feel a pain in chest, we choose to breathe with nose as far as possible, the ran that must raise etiquette keep under control at the same time breathes a habit, ability relieves the symptom of occurrence bellyacke quite, when popularizing ran, breathe with what.

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Breathe with what when ran

Should not be when ran a breath that use bazoo

When ran, human body increases to the need quantity of oxygen. If bazoo is used only when ranA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Cannot satisfy human body to be measured to the need of oxygen, right now, certainly will forces breathing flesh to strengthen an activity, accelerate ventilatory frequency, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In order to increase a tolerance of lung, will satisfy the human body need to oxygen. Its are as a result, breathing flesh produces exhaustion quickly, affect the supply of oxygen instead. Accordingly, people often notices to master the rhythm that breathes a movement when ran, proper dehisce assistance has breath nasally.

According to research, hold concurrently breathe with mouth, bazoo, a tolerance of lung can add by the 80 L/min when breathing with bazoo only to 173 L/min, and do not pass because of ventilatory frequency fast, and the generation of exhaustion of defer breath flesh. Pass oral cavity, OK still and auxiliary send out the quantity of heat of the generation inside the body in motion. But, when severe winter has run, notice dehisce shoulds not be too big. Such, can make inspiratory cold air course gets warmth when oral cavity, reduce the undesirable stimulation of pair of respiratory tract and lung thereby.

Inside the substance that ran breathes to help us effectively restrain a few bacteria to enter our oneself on one hand with nose, help us effectively fall1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Low oneself appears easily ran feel a pain in chest to us oneself brings an abdomen1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Painful symptom, with nose breath still can help the physical strength that we save effectively, achieve a very good run to exercise the effect.