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Cantering is a kind almost the exercise that everybody can do, also be the campaign that a kind of constitution to the person is having very big promotion effect, accordingly, a lot of people like to canter. Of course, although,canter good, but when canter, need the business that do or have a lot of, reach the person of effect reducing weight to wanting to come through cantering especially, need to note cantering time and rate more. Below, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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With respect to the relevant knowledge that canters for everybody introduction!

Canter 20 minutes to be able to reduce weight

One, canter actor’s costumes

Light clothing lets a person more easily loosen the mood, kit is optimal choice, but the trousers in best choice, because wear shorts,prevent and let double leg expose too long in wind, and in the goal that trousers can achieve motion to perspire more. Additional, shoe also should choose light running shoes.

2, canter time and speed

Canter should achieve result reducing weight, move every time at least 30 to 40 minutes withShanghai night net

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On, such ability achieve the result that lights fat. The warming-up that loosens simply is done before ran, if do enlarge bosom exercise, ankle of hands or feet moves, loosen oneself limbs, begin run with cheerful body and mind. Ran speed because of the person different, fiducial it is the breath that keeps even, divide evenly fast advancement. Run the route takes a few minutes after the pace, do next loosen sarcous motion, through flapping size leg does ten minutes of right-and-left legs the ministry is loosened.

Canter 20 minutes to be able to reduce weight

3, canter optimal frequency

Canter not to need to hold to everyday, a week 3 arrive 5 timesLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Can. Do anything, expensive holding to, the time that takes out a few hours every week takes exercise, helpful to body and mind.

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4, canter optimal period of time

Canter should choose to was controlled at 10 o’clock in the morning, and towards evening time of 56 bits. Cantering place can be playground, park, ran wait a moment on machine, but do not suit to be on the side of highway, air is fresh, the place with little dirt fits athletic need more, because canter,be long campaign having oxygen.

5, canter how to maintain body and mind cheerful

A lot of people can feel to canter dry, hold to very hard, above all the first method is to wear earphone to hear music, this is most a kind of enjoyment way. Can recall the good memory in him life next, if Bai Ju is too unoccupied place,time is met.

Canter 20 minutes to be able to reduce weight1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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6, note

Canter discover the body has in the process any unwell, stop immediately, do not want to flaunt one’s superiority;

Canter to cannot stop immediately after the end or sit down, cause easily local accumulate blood to bring about anoxic;

Fan or air conditioning cannot be worn immediately after cantering, easy catch a cold, want to let the body restore naturally slowly;

After cantering, cannot bathe immediately, want to wait for sweat to do the travel that show ability;

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Also can not drink water immediately.